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Artist. Scholar. Teacher.

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Dr. Steven Félix-Jäger is an artist, scholar, minister, and educator. His work deals primarily at the intersection of faith and culture, especially as it pertains to the church.

Speaking Topics

Christian Worship | Pentecostal Faith & Practice | Visual Art & the Church

Music & the Church | Theology & Film | Theology & Pop Culture

Theological Aesthetics | Reconciliation in the Church | Youth Ministry

Building and Leading Worship Teams | Christian Social Engagements

Christian Responses to Tough Social Issues

Available Now

Renewing Christian Worldview:
A Holistic Approach for Spirit-Filled Christians

“This book is an achievement on many different levels. It represents a ‘coming of age’ of renewal traditions in the authors’ ability to offer a form of sophisticated, world-regarding catechesis. It would have been a game-changer for me as a young person, when I had critical questions about life that neither my public school nor my church youth group was helping me answer. I felt lost so many times, openly wondering if my church tradition could keep up with the longings I had to make sense of the world and my place within it. This book could have helped me then, and I am convinced it will significantly help many people today. If read widely, this book could be part of a generational turning point.”"


- Daniel Castelo

“A fresh and innovative look at the nature and power of beauty, goodness, and truth—centered in the Spirit’s work in and through creation—for personal and cultural renewal. Félix-Jäger and Shin expertly argue that a richer vision of reality, rooted in the Pentecostal imagination, can lead to a fresh movement of the Spirit in education, apologetics, and church ministry. This book is jam-packed with wisdom and insight and is a must-read for anyone interested in worldview, apologetics, culture, and theology.”

- Paul Gould

“Steven Félix-Jäger and Yoon Shin are two of the brightest emerging philosophical minds in the Pentecostal world. In Renewing Christian Worldview, they guide and form their readers in the beautiful, the good, and the true. This is the book we have needed for some time, full of the riches of the Christian tradition. In itself, this text is a philosophical education with and for the nearly one-fifth of the world’s Christians in the charismatic-pentecostal tradition—and for many beyond.”

- L. William Oliverio


Selected Books

Below are some recent books. For a full listing and links to all of Steven's books, articles, and other writings, click here.

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Renewal Worship: A Theology of Pentecostal Doxology


Art Theory for a Global Pluralistic Age: The Glocal Artist

The Spirit and the Screen Cover copy.jpg

The Spirit and the Screen: Pneumatological Reflections on Contemporary Cinema

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