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Artist. Scholar. Teacher.

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Dr. Steven Félix-Jäger is an artist, scholar, minister, and educator. His work deals primarily at the intersection of faith and culture, especially as it pertains to the church.

Speaking Topics

Christian Worship | Pentecostal Faith & Practice | Visual Art & the Church

Music & the Church | Theology & Film | Theology & Pop Culture

Theological Aesthetics | Reconciliation in the Church | Youth Ministry

Building and Leading Worship Teams | Christian Social Engagements

Christian Responses to Tough Social Issues

Available Now

Renewal Worship:
A Theology of Pentecostal Doxology

"Steven Félix-Jäger's book is a penetratingly insightful theology of Pentecostal worship that focuses on Christ's abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the human participation in the divine life that it invites and enables. His insights and theological method have broad ecumenical relevance. This was a truly delightful read for me."


- Frank D. Macchia

"It is rare that Pentecostal/charismatic worship is put under the liturgical theology microscope. If you are keen to understand the theological nuts and bolts of the fastest-growing global Christian movement in the twenty-first century, this book by Félix-Jäger is indispensable. Be prepared to have your eyes opened."

- Lim Swee Hong

"In this innovative study, Steven Félix-Jäger explores global Pentecostal and renewalist aesthetics in accessible, insightful ways. With an artist's attention to detail and beauty, Félix-Jäger analyzes a movement on the rise for the benefit of those inside and outside its porous boundaries."

- Leah Payne

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Selected Books

Below are some recent books. For a full listing and links to all of Steven's books, articles, and other writings, click here.


Spirit of the Arts: Towards a Pneumatological Aesthetics of Renewal


Art Theory for a Global Pluralistic Age: The Glocal Artist


With God on Our Side: Towards a Transformational Theology of Rock and Roll

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